Friday, January 15, 2010

Not All is Love

He saw something in her eyes which was alien. It was like a faint grey  that had showed up in those beautiful eyes. She wasn’t quite herself – uneasy and lost.He took her hand and waited for her to look up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I am sorry” were all the words she spared.
She saw  reflection of her own eyes in his' and  recalled how she had fallen for his ‘talkative eyes’. Over the past season of troubled waters he had subtly and sensitively done his best to bridge the gulf but she had never let the water calm. Now submerged in the same flood she groped for the bridge, for the hand in help she had persistently refused. He would understand   -  was all she knew and could think of at the moment.
"In spite of all differences I have never, never wanted to be... I am sorry, I am really sorry."

All these months he had patiently cared for her silence and had never forced her into words. He had  faith in his love and waited for the wall to crumble but now the wall had come crashing on him.  Shrinking back to his own self, he looked at the truth of not being able to revert what has happened.She had been unfaithful but not willingly perhaps, it could have been her weakness but not her deliberate will. And that was the worst of it all, he had always made such earnest efforts to understand her that it came naturally to him. He could not bear to be sympathetic to her weaknesses at a time he least wanted to be reasonable. How could he be mad at her even after knowing the loneliness that gripped her over the years , the void that neither of the two could fill, the void that had almost become a part of them and had now taken a different meaning and echoed various sounds.
Though throughout the period of differences she had blamed him for causing her pain ,it was he who suffered the agony of being in love of her,of being blamed by her and of believing in the better and happier morrow. Pain for him was locked up within and cloaked with hope but not liberated by it.
The sudden downpour on the agony he had nurtured with such care, dissipated it in a cruel coldness that almost burned the inner walls of his self. He saw the tears ceaselessly and pleadingly trickling down her cheeks and it irritated his bruises further. The ire cooled and in no time left him with bruises and blisters all over.It could not cool and push him to suffocation. It could not…
He pressed her hand ,tears stopped and in her eyes he saw the grey die for the blue.He saw pain metamorphose into hope in her eyes and he felt himself disintegrating into meaningless nothings.
 He slighted her head that rested on his shoulder and left her hand, took his eyes away from her and walked towards the door. The sudden coldness was unfamiliar and knocked at her walls within. She knew what to make out of it but shrunk from facing it.
He opened the door and walked out, leaving her with a parting glance and in that glance was captured the colour of dusk  in her eyes and a profound sense of equality.


  1. Tried a new theme, looking froward to some feedback.

  2. Beautiful Theme and Post too is fantastic !! In fact after a long time has read something so soothing !! Great as always but this one is out standing !!

  3. @Bharat :Thank you so much. You are always very very kind with your compliments.

  4. If Joker was alive today, he'd have asked, "Why so serious?" He he.. :D All right, that was a PJ.
    Narration is as usual splendid. The subject is so morose. But that's the harsh reality, isn't it? It happens all the time. What I liked the most here is the way you've handled the scene. The entire thing is a matter of few moments, isn't it? Such a marvelous description of the emotions of the girl and the boy.
    Ending is a bit unclear to me. Did the boy really leave her? Or did you mean something else? Hope I'm right. :-)
    Wonderful post, grace. Enjoyed the narration.

    P.S. Do you mind telling me your real name? Because every time I call you grace, I feel as if I'm sitting at a dinner table. ;-) :D

  5. Karthik: Well its the first time that I have read such an amusing comment. LOL.
    Ya, its kind of morose but I have quite a penchant for the serious and the sad.
    As for the ending,having attained a sense of equality in pain and despair they relate to each other again but on a different plain.Thats how I imagine it to be.
    Regarding my real name, well thats Pallavi Mittra. But could you please explain why Grace makes you feel like you are sitting at a dinner table. I am really curious to know.

  6. Hehehe.. :P
    Well, don't you know about saying 'grace' before meals? - Joining your hands, closing your eyes and saying something good before you dig in. ;-)
    No offense. Hope you took it lightly. :-)

  7. Karthik: My goodness! even in my wildest of dreams I couldn't imagine that someone can actually interpret "grace" in this manner, I have to thank you for this amazingly refreshing perspective.
    Please keep dropping in buddy, will at least have some humour on my blog.:)

  8. Of course I shall keep dropping by. You needn't even say that. But you just make you sure you keep writing - regularly. :)

  9. @ pallavi: you have a penchant for the serious and the sad?...ditto here :)...amazing description of the scene..could imagine it all the way for the theme, its nice but make the font a bit'l be easier on the eyes :)

    P.S.: Hope my absence was felt :p..but im back now :)

  10. @Umesh: Oh my! finally someone is back.Something seemed terribly lacking without you and Divsi. Well thanks for telling me about the font, will customize it soon. And more importantly same pinch. :)