Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For the Zenith of the Sky


I wish I could play the mellifluous song

that blesses with

a silent harmony of voices.
I wish I could weave that web of words
which when opened leaves not
a single thread for the eye that sees.

Alas! I flock far away

In a fury of jumbled nothings.
The song floats in the air,
with the wing of words to soar high.

My hands spread

hope for the zenith of the sky

and my soul in shackles,

tiptoes the earth to fall off

from the heaven of life.


  1. Well, Karthik and Poems are opposite words. :D
    But I still loved it. :-)
    Good to see you after a long time.
    Happy New Year! :-)

  2. Karthik: Hey!I am happy you liked it.
    Something seems to be off the note when I am away from blog but still I manage to be off the note quite often now a days.

    Happy new year to you too!

  3. These were some really beautiful words to read !! Welcome back !! Have a Fantastic and Great year ahead,

  4. Bharat: Thanks a real lot! Wish you an adventurous and fulfilling year ahead.

  5. Great to have you back posting again :)..I myself was away from blogsville for was a wonderful poem..though it took time to understand it..i didn't understand the last two lines..could you explain it?

  6. Umesh: Hey! Long time huh...
    As for the last two lines of the poem -
    Well the string of thought behind the poem is that of the gulf between the ideal state of being and the present state, and the aspiration to reach up.

    Life for me symbolizes the best and the perfect and it is the aspirer who strives to unravel it to its core.The soul of the aspirer while reaching out to the sublime life often falls into a pit of misery of surviving and continues without knowing the beauty of life and living.

    Hope I have been able to explain.
    Looking forward to some new shayaris from the shayar.

  7. ya that explains a when i read the poem, I find it all the more beautiful! for the shayaris, lets see..currently caught up with I find it difficult to contemplate in silence :)...will be posting something I wrote about a month wait for that! :)..take care

  8. Umesh:I see. Looking forward to your posts.

  9. beautiful!
    soul stirring stuff..
    a phase that everyone would relate to at some or the other point!
    i relate to it NOW!! so felt it piercing inside:)

  10. Divsi : Such a relief to have you visiting my space again. Its really heartening to have readers associate and relate to the stuff one writes. Common hopes and aspirations leads to the realization that we all are fellow beings in the truest sense of the term.Love.