Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knowing Words

There are always several words which remain unsaid or unheard. We forget some and some we remember all our lives. Some words though are not meant to be said. Theworld jumble wordsy just come -
“Hello! Can you hear me?”
Of course you can but who’s that.

“ Its me,” (hmmm… lets say joy), “Joy. Remember we saw each other a couple of days before.”
“Saw each other? When?”
“The day you had been watering your lilies and a butterfly had got wet in your rain. Rings a bell?
I was just there.”
You obviously have no clue.But somehow you happen to trust that voice and you open the door and let Joy in.
Joy seems familiar,someone you think that you might have come across in some of your letters or may be in some of your notes to yourself.
Yes, you vaguely remember him.
“ So finally we meet”, says he.
“ We have met.”
“No, you have seen me.”
He walks across your room, browses through the books on the shelf, passes through your well kept kitchen, looks out of the windows.
And you wonder why he is here.
Its a question he definitely doesn’t answer.
He just stays, saying nothing, listening to all you say. He waits and waits till you grow tired of trying to say something or to hear something from him.
Exhausted,you recline yourself on the sofa and just let yourself go.
There the word, Joy as he calls himself, looks into your eyes, smiles at your desperation to find answers to some petty questions about him (something he knows is typical of you), lets you go beyond the ceremony of giving and finding answers and solutions.
And once he is done with all of this, he places himself silently in the centre of your room, closes his eyes and remains.

Some words like Joy are just meant to remain .
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  1. no one commented on this yet??:O
    pallavi...this one is so mellifluous..yes it is!:)
    imagination personified so well so aesthetically!:)

    beautiful...hope this word[joy] always stays wid u:) through yr posts..through your writings..:)
    god bless!

  2. Dada:Finally I get a comment on this one. You just made my day girl! Love.

  3. How the heck did I miss this?
    It's really beautiful! Joy is used as a figure of speech, I presume. Superbo! :)

    Very nice imagination, I mean Pallavi. (I just had my dinner, you see. So I guess I was in the same temperament. hehehehehe... :D)

    You seem to be very busy these days. Hope you write something soon. :)

  4. @Karthik: Thanks for commenting. I am really glad to know that you liked it. In fact this is one post that I enjoyed writing thoroughly.
    I just don't know why I am struck with a writer's block so often now a days. Can the superbly witty blogger please suggest a way out?
    As for the rest, hope your dinner is well digested, burp!

  5. Trust me, baalikey. Writer's block is just a myth. It's not real. Or shall I just say it's an overrated phrase? Nothing else.
    You are just busy, that's all. :)

    As Sean Connery says through the character of William Forrester in the movie, "Finding Forrester" - 'Don't think. Just write. Thinking comes later.' (or something like that. Don't remember the exact words)
    So just sit in front of your computer and write what your hand writes. Everything else comes later. :)
    Tathasthu! :D hehehehee... :D

  6. Karthik: Baalikey???
    That was really great advice Gurudev. Your student shall get back to you after putting it to practice.
    I am just trying to imagine what a great time your friends and siblings have with an amazingly witty guy like you.