Friday, November 6, 2009

Pay it Forward

Receiving an award from Swapna has meant a lot to me (between I have flaunted quite stupidly about it on Facebook and Twitter, it being my first one I allowed myself that fancy.)More importantly what this award made me realize was the importance of appreciating and being appreciated. Keeping the ego aspect at bay, appreciation is actually quite a beautiful emotion. It connects one to the beauty and innocence around, towards which we are mostly nonchalant or may be are just shy to respond, and what more it spreads love and positivity.
I mean just imagine a little girl, say three to four years old, for whom her doll means the world to her. Instead of just passing on her little play or just being nostalgic about your childhood days, you reach out to the girl and say -
“Your doll is so pretty! She is quite a darling like you.” And just wait to see that innocent smile flower on her lips and trust me it would and would bless your day with sweetness and simple joy.

Well I guess I have bragged quite enough to put you to sleep. So I will stop right here and express my appreciation for my favourite bloggers by giving the “Good Blog Award” to them.
So here you go -


Accolades and cheers awesome bloggers!


  1. :))))) wow!!! wat a way to end my day:) [ or start a new one actually coz its past twelve...:p] thnkewwww sweetheart:) for considerin me n my blog worthwhile...u re kind!:)
    n yr post certainly did NOT put me to was soooo true!
    a token of sincere n honest appreciation works wonders!!!:) it ll not onli mke u happie but also produce better n harder efforts than before:))
    glad to c sumone still appreciatin the beauty of appreciation:))

    thnx a tonner buddy!:)

  2. Dear Divsi, trust me I share your joy here.
    Can only say that I agree with every single word of yours.
    Keeping the spirit of appreciation alive...
    Good night or morning!

  3. When one is being appreciated so beautifully as you have done, no one can even be close to being sleepy..infact I'm grinning from ear to ear..I get another award!...thanks a tonne for's very special (just as all the other awards are)...and for the rest, I agree with Divsi
    "glad to c sumone still appreciatin the beauty of appreciation" - very well said divsi :)

  4. Well after reading your comments I too am grinning from ear to ear.
    Truly it works wonders.
    Also there is no match to Divsi and her expressions, so agree with you at that.
    You really don't need to thank Umesh because you guys really deserve this and all the awards you receive.
    All I have to say now is just
    Pay it Forward...

  5. hi Grace,
    Thank you very much for the award, makes me feel proud that you considered me as one of your fav blogger. I am still new to awards, i don't even know, how to display them:) your comments have always been the best form of appreciation to me. I thank you for the award and the time taken by you to stop by my blog. There nothing better to a write than being read and appreciated.
    I have one award for you: Nicest Blogger award

  6. Harsha:That was so wonderful of you.Thank you so much.
    I have a great time being at your blog and am sure it would always be the same.
    Besides if you are interesting in flaunting this award on your blog just copy the link of the award pic at the ADD PICTURE option in the ADD A GADGET link. Or you can also upload the pic from your pc.
    If you find that useful thank Divsi, she guided me with it as well.

  7. after readin yrs n ums comments..m grinnin too:))) thanx pallavi!
    n harsha: congo!! :)) u deserve it! put it up soon!:))