Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Love of that Momemnt and Eternity ...

The pink of the petals untarnished beyond bloom
the fragrance rising  to  touch the end to be,
the love of the plant and the call of the soil,
the wither of the petal and the death of the flower.
No urns left,no ashes remain
the flower bloomed and withered never to be.

I watch and wonder - can man not thus cease to be,
in such calm that he knew not what pain had been to
And die in love and cherish of that one moment and

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  1. No man cannot...that is why man is man and a flower is a flower...different living beings have different qualities and drawbacks...I believe this comparison cannot be made...its next to impossible for a man to be oblivious to pain...but the way u described the flower was so very beautiful...keep writing :)

  2. Beautiful Words !! I can feel the Aura of the words and the deep intensity too !! Great wording !! Beautiful..

  3. @Umesh : When you say "that is why man is man and a flower is a flower...different living beings have different qualities and drawbacks..." I totally agree with you. But then the question arises - is that state the perfect one or can we be better or more perfect.
    For me I do believe in the 'perfect state of being'. {I am afraid, I sound utopic but nonetheless I believe in it.} This belief basically arises from the realisation that we have this great strength called "ACCEPTANCE".
    It also is one of the basic tenets of Buddha's teachings, accept with love and with no regrets and expectations.It is one of the most difficult things to practice but not impossible.
    I am happy to be sharing my believes with you here and would love to hear what you think about it.

  4. @Bharat: Thanks for those kind words.

  5. Yes it is not the perfect state..yes we can get better through Acceptance...but again we can only get near to that "perfect state" attain it is something I don't feel is possible, atleast not while living a life in this competitive world...the life of a flower is simple and hence has made life complex for himself and hence I think that the comparison cannot be made...I hope I made sense...:)

  6. @Umesh: Yes you do make sense Umesh. I quite get your thread of thought.But don't you think dear that all this complexity and competitiveness etc etc exists in the mind?Its a conditioning of mind.While reading Robin Sharma's book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari I realised that we have only a partial idea of the potential within and that potential when realised can actually transform one's life and self magically.
    I wonder if I am making sense now but to sum it up I believe in the "divine heritage of man".
    Also I am really really happy that you shared your believes and opinion with me.Hope we will continue with this trend.

  7. @Umesh : I guess I have made it sound too confusing. Well to sum it up simply and straightforwardly God has blessed with strength and love in opulence and if we are hell bent on achieving something or being a certain way there is no impossilbe impediment.

  8. You do have a point there...but I still feel that it is difficult for every human to attain that state, which is not the case with flowers...each and every flower goes through the process you described so beautifully, whatever be its colour, fragrance, or any other attribute...
    And we will ofcourse continue this trend..

  9. @Umesh: I respect your thoughts Umesh and can understand how you feel about this issue.
    Considering that human beings continually evolve I hope and believe that some day all our questions will be answered.
    In the morning I came across this beautiful thought and the moment I read it I remembered you. So here I am sharing the same -
    "My earthly experiences serve as a process of destruction of my limiting mortal delusions. In God even the most "impossible" dreams are realized."
    - Revelation 2:28.

  10. hi Grace,
    Very well written. It would be dream to attain such state for a man.

  11. @Harsha : Well it definitely is one of my very few beautiful dreams. thanks for dropping in.

  12. heya pallavi:) sorri m late for this post!:( apologies!

    lovely metaphor...the way u link the flower wid human lives is subtle n beautiful. well weaved:)

  13. @ Divsi:Everyday when I logged in I expected to get a trail of you and was excited to have had you here today.But then there is no occasion for apologies dearie.
    You are always kind with praises and thanks for that. I would really love to know your stance on the discussion Umesh and I have had on this post.
    C ya again!
    Between Happy Children's Day!

  14. I lost words.And I appreciate clarity of your mind when went through yours and Umesh's discussions.But I happen to agreed with Umesh most of the time and realised that he is seeing the life as it comes & as it is faced But when I read your views towards the life - wow !I am spell bound !
    Grace I I persume nature is like a Saint ,they remain silent and meet the challenges and there comes the ACCEPTANCE of the situation.But Grace in day to day life can we practise it to reach that heights of ACCEPTANCE tell me how ?Radhika

  15. @Radhika:If alone I had the words I would have spelled out how excited I am to have you on my blog and know you all over again from the perspective of a friend;and not the relation that binds us; my dear Radhika.

    Answering to the question you asked, I believe that acceptance is linked with surrender to the Supreme Will. Recognizing
    and accepting His scheme of things,something which Milton described as "the ways of God", with love and gratitude can lead us through.
    Remember we shared a thought by Osho the other day, which said that one should not resist strain instead flow with it. Then there is no tussle and no pain.

    Do get back with more, I shall be waiting.