Thursday, October 1, 2009

Violence in all forms

I claim to be a follower of the Gandhian values and on this account have always had debates with several of my friends, who find Gandhi and his principles to be outdated or impractical.They condemn him for following a highly inappropriate approach to attaining freedom.
Debates being debates, they mostly ended up with heavy exchange of arguements and with something I later realised to be emotional violence.
Violence becauese in the course of debate I got angered by the counter arguemnets, I got angered by the fact that my friend did not respect someone whom I honour.
The fact that something which I hold to be right is considered wrong by someoneput me off and I vehemently tried to make my point(not without prejudices).
A queer blend of pride and self assertion. Phew!!

Ironically, while I believed that I was advocating for the Mahatma, his values and believes were far from all of it.

Having learnt a lesson, I try not to participate in any of those debates anymore and leave my fellow beings with the joy of believing in what they do and save myself the same pleasure.
All I believe in doing now is being and doing what the Mahatma has preached through his life. I let my thoughts and deeds do the advocating job now.
I do not worry about being winning his cause against people who disbelieve Gandhi because Gandhism has ceased to be a dogma and has manifested itself as a way of life.
A way which is not just diificult but brave.
Its a way which takes me closer to my being.

As I essay through this path of self discovery with all those who aspire for truth and non violence (in all possible forms),my prayers for a truthful and peaceful living remains for all.


  1. Hint: people who do not understand Gandhi are the people who argue the loudest against him and his principles. Next time you have an argument just ask, "why is standing up to injustice not valid any more?"

  2. Hi Pallavi ! I agree with your point sometimes it really hurts when someone debates on these kind of issues.But what i feel is that you should never debate as what matters is your view !I am completely with Gandhism but most of the people are not.Let other people say whatever they wish to but you always keep yourself the way you are and work on the principles of Gandhi.

  3. to be honest n candid with too m not a very keen follower of gandhian principles...:p
    BUT i SHALL NOT DEBATE with u :D
    nice to c ppl still advocatin the mahatma's principles:)

    p.s: m sooo happie i can comment on ya blog now!!

    u hav a FABBBBBulouSSS template girl!

  4. Amitabh :
    I understand what you said and thanks for that insight.

    You know I have even come across really peculiar and ludicrous comments on this topic and the most common one is - "Hey! being a Bong you should not advocate for Gandhi.Don't you have any respect for Netaji?"
    And I wonder since when has respecting Gandhi become synonymous to disrespecting Netaji.
    As you rightly said if people really understood Gandhi or Netaji such debates wouldn't take place.

  5. Unseen Rajasthan :
    You're right. There is truly no sense in messing with other's believes. all of us are going through are own phase of evolution.

  6. Hi Grace
    It's rare to come across posts which have both honesty and innocence in them. Am glad i read this post.
    Well written.

  7. Harsha:
    Thank you.
    It means a lot.