Monday, October 19, 2009

Sharing borders with Pakistan

I came across this beautiful blogpost my journalist(NDTV)Uma Sudhir and felt the urgent need to share it with all who want to break the barriers and reach out.Uma Sudhir happened to be there in Pakistan when it was rocked by three consecutive days of violence, last week. She tells of her experience there and on reading all that she has to say I am enthused with such indomitable hope - a hope in the innate ability of human beings to connect across races and borders.

My wishes for hope and love in opulence in your life - the two feelings I believe can set everything right.


  1. hi grace
    First i want to thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. I am very glad i read it.
    The politicians have changed our views towards our neighbors, and the politicians on the other side also don't seem to be helping in any way. My father was in Dubai, and he used to tell me about, how some of his good friends were Pakistanis and how he enjoyed watching cricket with them.
    The common crowd always wants peace and friendship, but it is the rebels who tarnish the image.

  2. You are right Harsha, politics has changed the we think. Its more of prejudice than intelligence and sensitivity that governs are perception now.
    Its time we go beyond the stereotypes and think with an open mind and feel from deep within.
    Good to have like minded people here, it kinds of reinforces the will to bring a change.