Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Life … With Love.

Do you need a reason to feel happy? Or you could be happy just anyway. I know,you might feel that I am a completely unpredictable blogger, despondent one moment and talking of happiness the other. But  I guess that is how it goes with life. It has just the right measures of everything ready for you and the moment it thinks that you have had the right dose of one feeling or experience it feeds you with the other.
Sometimes this constant feeding by life leaves one perplexed and with a set of “whys” – why did it have to happen now or happen to me or why did it have to happen at all – but clearly life doesn’t care a tiny bit about all of this. It is too busy being your good mother giving you the right thing at the right time.Remember if as a child you couldn’t get your way with your mother and had to do her instructions its nothing different with life now. It just won’t let you have your way like any strict and concerned mother.
So here a little advice for myself and all like me -
“Never ask why life is a certain way because it cannot be otherwise.
So be patient and take the prescribed doses with love.”


  1. Hi Pallvai !! Well this is an impressive post..I remembered the song " Be what you want to be taking things the way they come".You are absolutely correct bout what you mentioned.Life is all about changes.Nice one..Unseen Rajasthan

  2. nicely woven...
    so many whys..n ifs..n buts...
    itz starnge we onli ask why me wen in pain...or sorrow...not wen we re happy?:)
    lovely post!

  3. Unseen Rajasthan - Would appreciate if you could tell me the song you mentioned is sung by whom.

    Divsi - You' re righ dear. Life willbe a lot simpler barring these whys, ifs and buts.
    Its really ironical that in spite of knowing and believing these values we often continue to beahve the same old way.

  4. I don't have the answers to those questions you asked but I realized that a lot of people out there want the answers badly.

    All the best with the writing, keep at it.

  5. Grace ,its well written and well expressed .
    I really appreciate the lines you wrote 'it is too busy like your mother giving right things at the right time ".Yes that is all about the life one has to resist succumbing to the relief of pain.Wonderful way look at life .Keep writing for us.

  6. @Radhika: For you a thousand times over.