Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Aspiration…

There are no questions left,
nor any answers left to be sealed.
Its just me ,
in the midst of that vast white space,
hiding behind  the infinity.
I call out in an unknown voice and wait for the echo
to pierce through my senses,
to mute my voice
and to be called by no name. 
There are no lines left to be read,
no words for my blank white sheet.
Its just me,
playing with the pile of meanings – intangibly spread in the air.
I feel them breathe,  smell their space  and
know why they belong to me.


  1. This article clearly means that you are now learning the " Art of Loneliness".This has a wide meaning.Self Discovery is the first step towards the destination of which very less people are aware of and that is known as "Peace".Great Work..Keep it up...

  2. Bharat: Its so wonderful to have you relate to my feelings, my aspirations...
    You have so wonderfully described the en route to "Peace" through "self discovery".I am really really touched Bharat.
    Thanks for empathizing and for always being there.

  3. so profound n kind of in sync wid what i m goin through currently..a certain magnitude of could relate to it..
    how simply you have expressed beautiful as always:))

  4. Divsi: Its always a wonderful feeling to find a common ground between both of us.I am really happy that you liked it.

  5. That Means Both are on the Right Direction of "SUCCESS"...

  6. all i can say is that live every moment of this phase you are going me its worth it...cause what lies ahead of this phase is what we call 'a meaningful life'

  7. Umesh:Hey! I understand what you say Umesh. Don't we all go through such phases, in our own different ways? I believe we do. The more and more we are sensitive towards life the better life reveals itself to us.
    Glad to see you after long. Hoe you are doing good.

  8. Grace...

    One thing is for sure... infinity is big enough to hide behind.

    But life isn't. I am sure you have seen that too. :)


  9. One of your best works the expression 'playing with the pile of meanings'..that you always do love, you are one individual whose strive to reach perfection is a continuous quest.God bless..

  10. Rays: Nothing parallels the joy of having you come over to my blog. You are one of my most tapped sources of inspiration and every word coming form you is far more than I can ever explain. Thank you my dear friend.